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about me 


I have a Ph.D in clinical psychology with a specialization in body-oriented therapy and have studied Somatic Experiencing (SE) intensively for 13 years. I have a passion for excellence in my work and have completed post-advanced SE courses in touch and bodywork as well as in developmental trauma. I’ve been approved by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute to offer private sessions and consults for SE therapists in training. I also offer EMDR and AEDP as a part of my trauma specialization. I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist and before becoming a psychotherapist I was a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and a birth/postpartum doula.


I am awed by the innate capacities for healing present in all of us and I bring a deep understanding, passion and respect for those capacities to my work.


I currently have a thriving private practice in Santa Monica, CA and offer SE and EMDR at Bridges to Recovery in Beverly Hills. 

Kristi Foster, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I specialize in working with:







Relationship Issues




Feeling Stuck

Developmental Trauma

Trauma before age 3

Feeling lost

People with 3+ years of


People in earlier

     recovery who want

     to add somatic work

     to their work with a

     primary therapist 



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