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This is a powerful body mind process for healing trauma and creating a sense of safety. Somatic Experiencing (SE) uses the body in a way that allows communication with the foundational structures of your brain  (yes, really!) and retrains that brain  foundation to send safety signaling to your body. This is top down (or brain to body) signaling.


Somatic Experiencing (SE) also encourages bottom up (or body to brain) signaling. SE affects the behavior of the belly, organs, and muscular system so that those systems help the brain “hear” safety signaling from the body.


A body mind that signals safety is one that can be in the moment, relax and relate. And, when your brain hears safety signaling some of the noise in the head quiets down. When your body and brain are both “hearing” and signaling safety you feel calmer and safer.


With SE treatment unconscious patterns that can keep someone stuck or destroy relationships can change as can anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD and even physical symptoms. 




Kristi Foster, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I specialize in working with:







Relationship Issues




Feeling Stuck

Developmental Trauma

Trauma before age 3

Feeling lost

People with 3+ years of


People in earlier

     recovery who want

     to add somatic work

     to their work with a

     primary therapist 



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