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Even though we often don’t realize it, our bodies react to everything that happens to us. We have gut feelings, freeze in terror, feel our hearts warm, radiate happiness, get tied up in knots, relax, and tense up. All these things are experienced in our bodies. Emotions are too. We call them feelings because they are made up of sensations we feel.


Some of the reactions our bodies have are not always evident to us it's not always obvious when we start to tense up or when we start to feel scared. But the brain notices! It catalogues those reactions and sends danger signals to the rest of the body. 


Psychotherapeutic touch helps to bring some of the physical reactions that we have into conscious awareness and helps our brains and bodies learn how to make more of a habit of sending out safety signals.


A body that knows how to calm itself results in a brain that gets less overwhelmed and confused. Just about everybody wants to have the option of a calm, clear brain when they need it.

Kristi Foster, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I specialize in working with:







Relationship Issues




Feeling Stuck

Developmental Trauma

Trauma before age 3

Feeling lost

People with 3+ years of


People in earlier

     recovery who want

     to add somatic work

     to their work with a

     primary therapist 



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