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Sometimes the healing process requires lighting up the whole brain. That’s what EMDR does. It stands for Eye Movement Desensitzation and Reprocessing. And it’s a process of having the right and left sides of the body stimulated through back and forth eye movement, sound, or sensation. The stimulation lights up the brain and is thought to offer opportunities for information highways in the brain that have been connected only with traumatic or negative ideas to reconnect with more positive or supportive information networks.


EMDR can be very useful to help change thought patterns. It is best applied after one has developed some skill with helping their body learn to send safety signals (see the page about Somatic Experiencing if you want to read more about safety signaling).


Kristi Foster, Ph.D.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I specialize in working with:







Relationship Issues




Feeling Stuck

Developmental Trauma

Trauma before age 3

Feeling lost

People with 3+ years of


People in earlier

     recovery who want

     to add somatic work

     to their work with a

     primary therapist 



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